Everything comes down to taste.

Bettina Ulivi


I believe one’s mind and its imagination lead and influence us to improve and enhance our ideas. This influence can be taken in many forms, from irremediable contamination to useful roots. I figure out what I like about the jacket, a garment that already exists, meaning it was created by some person in this universe, and I decide what I want to incorporate into the piece, taking it further and creating something completely new out of it. Something out of a simple straight-cut jacket in woven fabric with notched lapels, concealed front pockets, gathered sleeves and no buttons. It’s like a song, where singers use their talent to manipulate fans with their vocals and beats, creating something melodious, appealing, captivating and memorable. However, the real skill is for the artist to produce a more accomplished mashup than those offered by others.

Any artist or designer depends on inspiration. It develops our creativity demanding new occurrences and ideas every second of the day. Then we ask ourselves: where do these things and actions that inspire us come from? In other words, we get inspiration from objects, traditions, cultures or even sceneries once made by other people. For example, fashion is a great reflection of this statement. Every person makes use of fashion as he or she pleases, giving each garment worn, a personal identity. This afterthought led me to think, how even the simplest jacket in a thrift store or Bergdorf's incomparable and exclusive Christmas showcase can influence and motivate my work to something big. It all comes down to taste and creativity, the way I make and present my work to my audience, taking something rather ordinary and altering it to create something worth the attention, something extraordinary.